Write a novel to create assets for your future. National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner.

👋 Hey, you. Creative person in your 30s.

You know you’ve been thinking about writing a book…

But, you’re in your 30s… You’d better get serious now.

And throwing yourself into a made-up world of moonlit romances does not seem all that serious.

And your mum keeps asking if you’ve started saving for your future…

🗣️ Tell her:

“I’m creating assets.”

📖 Write your book once.

Sell it x ♾️

💡 Makes sense.

You can make money from your book for your lifetime + 75 years. (🇬🇧 UK — varies elsewhere)

That’s an asset for you plus whoever follows on from you.

💡 Makes sense.

Best of both worlds. You can be creatively satisfied in a world of moonlit romances plus you have the potential for financial benefits.


As you know, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.

✍️ 1,667 words per day in the month of November.

That’ll give you 50,000 words.

And a supportive community cheering you on.

💡 Makes sense.

Go for it.


What’s next?

❄️ Spend December, January and February working on your story. You may want to add, delete, move around, edit. Get some feedback from beta readers. The cold winter months are ideal for this. Much nicer to be at your writing desk with a mug of hot chocolate than dodging rain showers running between the bus stop and the pub.

🌳 And in March?

Spring emerges and you should use this time to get some distance from your book.

Look at crocuses. Daffodils. The signs of emerging life.

And while you’re doing that…

Let other people pay attention to your book.

Get your book professionally edited and proofread.

Source a book cover designer who can make something perfect for your genre.

☀️ And by late summer? I’d say you’ll be ready to launch.

Take the plunge.

Why not?

💡 Makes sense.

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CherryEdits.com Indie Fiction Specialist. Line Editing. Copy Editing. Proofreading.

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