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Welcome. Have a look around.

You’re an indie author testing the waters, right?

You’re looking for a reputable editor who can help you get your book ready for publication.

I’m Claire Cronshaw aka Cherry Edits.

If you get a good feeling about working with me, let’s talk.

More about me:

I have an indie attitude. I often talk about this in my newsletter. I’m a self-employed freelancer and I choose to work with indie authors. I choose to work with people like you. We share a similar mindset. I enjoy autonomy. You enjoy autonomy. You enjoy the freedom of the indie route. So do I. You know one size does not fit all and you’re exploring your options to choose the team you want around you as you pursue your writing goals.

I sell confidence. I sell it via editing packages that’ll leave you feeling good about your next steps. Check out my testimonials to see what other indies have said about me. They all did what you’re doing. They looked around. They considered their options. Then they went with me.

I package my indie author services to make it clear what your edit includes. In publishing, definitions are notoriously vague. Head to my services page to find out exactly what I mean when I say line and copy editing, proof-editing, and proofreading. I work with authors who write in British English and American English.

Choose an editor who finds your genre a joy. Fantasy, women’s fiction, and romance: that’s what I absolutely love – as an editor, and as a reader too. Most of my portfolio comprises these three genres.

That said, you are welcome to ask me about other genres. Crime, cosy mystery, Young Adult: I work on these too and I have had great feedback about my edits. Drop me a message and I’ll let you know whether your genre is in my wheelhouse.

Authors: you’re dipping your toes to see what feels right. That’s the beauty of the indie way. Explore my website. Follow me on my social media channels. Lurk awhile. Once you’re happy, get in touch. Let’s talk about your book.

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Claire Cronshaw training credentials. Proofreading 1–3 CIEP; Fiction Editing CIEP, Copyediting 1 CIEP, Qualified Teacher Status. BA from Keele and PGCE from Leeds. CIEP Intermediate Member