Macros for increasing efficiency and accuracy in editing – not to mention staving off RSI.

I reckon the hour or so I spent today being Paul Beverley’s guineapig (installing macros ‘by the tourist route’) might be the best hour I’ve spent on CPD.

These are macros which are going to increase my efficiency and accuracy as an editor and they will reduce the number of clicks/keystrokes needed to perform certain actions.

Like now I’ll be able to hold alt+S and be able to swap two characters.

Just like that.

I’ve only got a couple installed at the moment but I’m so excited to use docalyse, the ‘fetch’ macros and the ones that act as some sort of text expander, saving you having to type in the same comments in the review panel over and over. I’ll also be able to open up a Google search of the word my cursor’s on with just a keystroke. Imagine.

I can already tell this stuff is gold.

Paul has over 800 macros that he’s written for editors. I only want/need a few initially but I hope that I can collect them over time, like some kind of macro Pokemon Go.

Super duper.

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