Is it took or taken? Spoke or spoken? Broke or broken? Using past participles correctly.

📸 Your photo will be took by one of our team. ❌

Your photo will be taken by one of our team. ✅

See also:

🗣️ I have spoke to her about it. ❌

I have spoken to her about it. ✅

🖨️ The printer was broke. ❌

The printer was broken. ✅

🚦In spoken English you have the green light to say these verbs how you want. Well, it obviously depends on the context, but by and large people won’t care which variation you use. A lot of regional dialects use the auxiliary + past tense combination as a matter of course.

🚦But, in writing, if you’re aiming for standard English, then you’ll want to use the correct grammar.

💡Following on from an auxiliary verb, you need a participle.




❓Can you think of any others that you hear or see in writing?

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