What are the best writing-craft podcasts for fiction authors?

Five great writing-craft podcasts for fiction authors.

Learning to write fiction can be an overwhelming experience. I hope today that I can make that process less overwhelming.

With so many books and courses on writing craft out there, the biggest challenge is sometimes knowing where to find the time to learn.

By listening to a podcast episode a day, or even one a week, you’ll be able to raise your ability to tell stories to a higher level within a matter a months.

What are the best podcasts for fiction writers?

Helping Writers Become Authors

Since 2009, historical fiction and fantasy author K.M. Weiland has consistently released episodes of her weekly Helping Writers Become Authors podcast.

Covering topics as diverse as story structure, world-building, character creation, and dialogue, this is a show to which every author should subscribe.


Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshop

Founded in 1996 by editor Jeanne Cavelos, the Odyssey Writing Workshop was set up to help writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror take their work to a professional standard.

The podcast includes excerpts from its lectures by some of the biggest authors and editors in speculative fiction, including Brandon Sanderson, Holly Black, and David Brin.


Story Grid

With three decades of editing experience, editor Shawn Coyne shares his method for breaking down and understanding story.

Though his method will probably overwhelm new writers, it is a fantastic resource for those authors looking to understand story on a deeper level.


Story Works Round Table

If you love nothing more than hearing other authors discussing the elements of the author’s craft, this podcast is for you.


Writing Excuses

Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry… Writing Excuses is without a doubt one of the best podcasts for writers out there.

Regular hosts Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Brandon Sanderson are joined by award-winning authors and editors to discuss every facet of the writer’s life, from crafting a great story to surviving in an every-changing industry. 


Let me know your top writer-craft podcasts in the comments below.

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