Is LinkedIn an appropriate platform to share flash fiction and poetry? I think so!

For some reason, just recently, poetry and flash fiction has become a feature of my feed.

And it’s been a welcome addition.

There are some very talented writers out there and I love reading your stuff.

It’s perfect for this platform.

I know there are social media terms for this, but I can’t think what they are. Posts that make you pause. Sticky posts?

Well, poetry and flash fiction are most definitely sticky. C’mon, that can’t be the term! What is it?

And they are, in my view, totally appropriate for the platform. They let me pause awhile and reflect.

Poetry and flash-fiction pieces introduce ideas. Take us new places. Give us new perspectives. Provoke discussion.

And that’s spot on for me. And appropriate for a professional network where a lot of the professionals are creatives.

What do you think? Is LinkedIn an appropriate place for poetry and flash fiction? I think so. Do you?

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