Blog: ‘How is it you’ve not had your fill of words after your day job, Claire?’

How is it you've not had your fill of words after your day job, Claire? (screenshot, LinkedIn comment)
A LinkedIn comment that someone posted after I’d done an update on what I was reading.

It’s leaving teaching that did it.

I’ve read SO MUCH MORE since leaving teaching.

I’ve always read for pleasure, but there were times in the past that I couldn’t focus. It’d take me six weeks to read a regular novel that I’d picked for myself. (As opposed to what I was teaching in class.) These days, I’m averaging a book a week.

I’d be preoccupied with thinking about the hundreds of kids I was supporting. Thinking about how I could help them all. It took a lot of mental energy.

And now that my mind is clearer, I have space in there for ALL THE STORIES.

Admittedly, a lot of my reading for pleasure nowadays is through audiobooks. I do let my eyes rest.

After 18 years in the classroom, it was time to do something else.

My editing business is going swimmingly and, yes, despite being engrossed in words all day, I still want to be immersed in stories in my downtime.

Am I a word nerd? Yes, the cap fits.

But, more than that, I am a story nerd.

Are you?

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