The editor is on holiday. Or is she?

Away from work, but not away from work.

Sound familiar?

I’m still (kind of) on my Easter break. My son’s still off, so we are having a good amount of family time. Swimming and lots of walks. Trips to see family and friends. 

But there are plenty of occasions where he’s busy with pals or his own creative projects, so I can get some stuff done.

I’m not doing actual client work. I’m on a break from that. I’m not at my computer. But I am thinking ahead. In May, I’ll edit a book 3 in a series, so I’m using some of my downtime to read books 1 and 2 to get up to speed. It’s a portal fantasy series and it’s great fun. I’m reading the series on my Kindle and I’m getting a fair chunk read each morning over a cup or two of coffee. It doesn’t feel like work. In fact, it isn’t. I’m reading as a regular reader. It’s already been edited and my editorial eye is not required. I just want to know the story.

Housework, on the other hand, never goes away. There are always chores to do. There’s always life admin. That fun stuff continues, even in the holidays. At least I can make a lot of it more fun by sticking on an audiobook. I had loads of ironing to do today, so I got loads listened to! Silver linings.

Today's chores and stories combo. Finished this (The Midnight Library by Matt Haig) and listened to this radio play (I Capture The Castle by Dodi Smith) 5 stars and 3 stars respectively. Also pictured: me, ironing.
Ironing and listening to audiobooks. It’s not all bad.

My next editing project begins on Monday, once my son is back at school. It’s a crime novel. A sequel. I worked on the first book too, so I can’t wait to see how things pan out.

Are you on holiday, at work, or somewhere in between? Whatever you’re doing, I hope this week is going well for you. 

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