Will you be having a break this Easter, or is it business as usual?

πŸ“ I’ll finish the edit I’m on by Friday, then it’s a change of pace for the next two weeks.

🐰 My son is off for Easter. Whether I work while he’s off is up to me.

Experience tells me that it’s not a great time for me to be doing focused work. That’s why client edits are out.

But he’s getting older and he doesn’t need me to hover around him 24/7, so there are some peripheral business things I can get on with.

πŸ–₯️ At the time I know he’ll be vegging out on his Switch, I’ve scheduled in some Zooms. One a day, between Monday and Wednesday next week.

These Zooms have a variety of purposes and contexts. One is a ‘pick your brains’ conversation where I’m the one having my brains picked. One is a Zoom I’m paying for where I’m the one tapping into someone else’s expertise. And the third is about collaboration.

β˜• And then there’s an IRL meet-up with a fellow editor. I’m really looking forward to that. From past experience, there’s usually a lightbulb moment where getting an insight into a colleague’s way of working illuminates something I could improve in my own workflow. And hopefully it’s the same for them. More importantly, it’s just nice to go for a cup of tea with someone who understands the work I do.

So that’s a short business-related activity planned for each day of the working week (Friday is a bank holiday), but otherwise I’ll be out and about with my family doing various Easter holiday fun things.

πŸ“š The second school holiday week, I’m planning to make sure I have a rest. No Zooms. Just a bit of light reading, and other than that, it’ll be quality family time.

πŸ”Ž Then my lad will be back to school and I’ll be raring to go on my next edit. A crime novel for a repeat client. It’s a sequel and I can’t wait. I’m really invested in this story.

🐣 Whether you’re a writer, an editor, or something else, I’d love to know: is Easter a change of pace for you, or is it business as usual?

Boiled eggs and toast soldiers
Boiled eggs and soldiers. Is there anything better?

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