Want to be sure you’re getting a professional editor? Don’t go with one who claims to be good at everything.

This ⬇️

I’ve been getting some advice from this marketing/copywriting fella and he’s really making me think differently.

This is really empowering.

When you’ve changed professions as I have, no matter how much training you’ve done (and I’ve done lots now), you still get imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head.

BUT… this sentence shows imposter syndrome the door.

I am a professional proofreader and copyeditor. 

Want to know why?

Because when a manuscript comes to me, I return it to you – improved.

I know what I can do:

✔️ Consistency

✔️ Accuracy

✔️ Flow

✔️ Sense

✔️ Maintaining voice

✔️ Writing appropriately for genre, purpose and audience

Stuff like that…

I know what I can’t do:

❌ Proofreading or editing that requires maths checking

❌ Proofreading or editing that requires knowledge of the law

❌ Proofreading or editing that requires an understanding of health and medicines

👩‍🎓 I suppose that makes me a professional – because of what I can do as much as what I can’t do. 

So that’s good.

Picking up new skills through training courses is only one part of becoming a professional in your industry.

It’s also about being reflective, understanding where you can offer value.

For examples of people who have gained value from my work, check out my testimonials.

Thanks to Phil Tyreman of Cool Content for thought-provoking copywriting tips. Get the mindset right and the rest will follow. That’s the biggest takeaway I’m getting from Phil’s emails. This big-picture stuff is really helping.

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