Have you ‘tried your hand’ at writing a book? Let me help you polish it up.

I was asked whether I wanted to take advantage of some free advertising on morecambeandmore.com.

I said yes. šŸ˜

Emily Ward who is in charge of the website asked me for a photo and my logo plus the link to my website.

She then wrote a brief intro and made this super-looking directory entry for me.

Advert on morecambeandmore.com

I’m happy with how Emily has presented my services. I thought her choice of ‘tried your hand’ was apt as, very often, I work with new indie authors who are trying their hand at writing a book. They’ve been brave. They have a complete manuscript. They wrote right through to the end ā€“ which is a massive achievement as so many people don’t make it out of the starting block.

And why not try? There’s nothing worse than regrets.

If you have a story to tell, tell it.

And just keep writing.

Do not edit on your first draft. Just get to the end.

You can do an edit on your second run through.

Once you have worked on your manuscript as much as you can, or want to, that’s when you should get the professionals in.

You’ve been so close to your manuscript for so long that you are, by this point, reading what you think is there, not necessarily what’s actually there.

My proof-edit fees, at the time of writing, range from Ā£7.50 to Ā£10 per 1000 words, depending on the level of intervention needed.

So, for your 50,000-word debut novel, you’re looking at Ā£375ā€“Ā£500.

That’s the cost of blush-saving. You want to be confident that when you hit publish on KDP, you’re going to attract praise and good reviews, not snotty comments from people who’ve noticed your typos.

šŸ“© Contact me if you’re trying your hand at writing a novel and you’d like to book in with me a month or two down the line.

šŸŒ I work with writers from Morecambe and more! Wherever you are in the world, drop me a message to get the ball rolling.

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