Is it perspective or prospective?

❓Perspective or prospective?

From a teacher’s prospective, encouraging ambitious vocabulary is worthwhile as students are rewarded highly for this in examinations. It will make their answers stand out to perspective examiners. ❌

What’s the problem here?

Copywriters – you may be at odds with my sentiment. I’ve had conversations online with copywriting parents frustrated their school-age children are encouraged to write in an elevated way where simple would, in the real world, be better.

I’m up for that discussion but it’s not the problem I’m drawing attention to today.

👩‍🏫 With my teacher’s hat on – from a teacher’s PERSPECTIVE –

🔎 I was giving you a teacher’s perspective on the issue of ambitious vocabulary. My angle, my point of view, my way of regarding this.

🔮 Potential examiners that await your children in years to come are PROSPECTIVE examiners. They are prospects for the future.

Could do better? ‘Await your children’ sounds sinister, right? I’ve been an examiner in the past. And I’m not a dragon.

I digress…

💡 So, if it’s a prospect, then it’s prospective and if it’s not, then it’s the other one.

That is all.

As you were.

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