Removing my invisibility cloak: I’m Claire Cronshaw and I am an editor. Who are you and what are you working on right now?

Check out this article. Indie authors. You want to be seen. For the sake of your books, you need visibility. But. But…

Talking about fear and wanting to stay hidden, Laura says: “That part of me exists for a reason, because it was once useful and it’s familiar. I can’t cut it loose, I can’t forcefully push it away and I can’t transform it overnight. Instead I can persuade it. I can say to it: ‘I get why you’re afraid of the world but it’s OK now because I’m with you and we’re learning a different way of being.'”

I may come across as confident on social media. I *am* (ish.) I’m also an overthinker. I do things. I’m brave. But I expend more energy than is healthy in the build up to being brave (and the adrenaline that follows.)

My visibility rocketed when I launched last week. I’m not surprised. I shouted from the rooftops. But now I feel I’m waiting for people to pat me on the back. Some do. Many don’t. Why would they? It’s just a website. They don’t know the courage it took. They don’t know I was shaking as I launched!

But I did it and I’m proud. I know where the fear is from, but I’m persuading it to leave me alone so I can share what I’m good at and do what I enjoy.

I’m Claire Cronshaw. I’m an EDITOR and I have a WEBSITE. Say it loud. Say it proud. 👊

📢 Dig deep. Be loud and proud about who you are. What’s your name? What are you working on right now?

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