Is it aitch or haitch? Should have or should of?

Aitch or haitch. (H) ❓

Is it C-R-O-N-S-aitch-A-W or C-R-O-N-S-haitch-A-W?

I’ve heard myself saying ‘haitch’ this year. Ssh. That’s just between us.🤫

✔Aitch ➡ haitch ❌used to be a line I’d never cross.

Years of wincing when I heard it – it used to be my pet peeve – ensured that those particular sounds would never be uttered from my lips.

But the bottom line is that you have to be understood. And when you are spelling your surname out to someone who perhaps pronounces H as haitch as many people do, then it can speed things up to converge in your pronunciation and say it the way they are expecting to hear it.

But, I’m saying it here and now, I’m not crossing the line with ✔have ➡ of ❌.

You’re welcome to pronounce it how you want. I’m all for accent and dialect (see my many previous posts on this theme) but, speaking just for me, I’ll die on this hill.

✔ Should have.

✔ Could have.

✔ Would have.

✔ Might have

For the win. 😂 👊

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