Does the hat fit? My journey to setting up my own editing business.

Get ahead. Get a hat (that fits.) 🎩

I used to have one big hat. I put it on in 2005. It was comfortable and suited me. I’d wear it from 7am until bedtime. It sometimes looked a bit dishevelled, but time unworn in the holidays would spruce it up.

About five years ago, the hat was losing its structural integrity and started falling down over my eyes. I was peeping out from under it like Claudia Winkleman from under her fringe. I’d loved it once for its capacity, but now it felt all-consuming. It didn’t suit me.

Summer 2017. My hat was on its peg and I decided now might be the time to shop for a new one. I bought books about other hats and had a think about what else might suit me. I’d had an idea at the back of my mind for a while and the time was right to see whether another hat might fit.

And, voila, it did! Like my first hat, it was covered in words and stories and I loved it for that. But it was smaller, and more flexible, and I could wear it in a variety of styles.

I’ll always love my first hat. I still wear it for part of my working week and it’s bounced back into shape. But, honestly, this newer hat, it’s flipping great! I can shift the angle, and the style, take it off, and put it on whenever I like. I LOVE my new hat!

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