Is it loath or loathe? Top proofreading spot.

πŸ”Ž Top #proofreading spot from today.

Loathe vs Loath.

You loathe something if you hate it.

🀒 For example, I loathe scampi. It’s the texture. Yuck.

And in this example, loathe is a verb.

Notice the ‘e’ on the end of the word.

🦐 Whereas, I am loath to eat prawns.

For the same reason. The texture is all wrong.

In this instance, there is no ‘e’. Loath is an adjective here. It means ‘not willing’.

So next time you are LOATH to do something, drop the E. (A quick checking mechanism would be to look out for the verb ‘to be’: am, are, was… you’ll be needing ‘loath’ to follow one of these words.)

But, if you’re just going in there with loathe as a synonym for hate – if you really need to show the force of your dislike – then tag the ‘e’ on the end. You really loathe that thing.

Make sense?

As you were… 😁

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