Where should capital letters go in titles?

šŸ“ So you’ve written a contents page. A leaflet. A blog post. An essay. And you’ve used a series of headings.

ā“ The question is ā€“ should you capitalise the words in your headings? And, if so, how?

šŸ“¢ The answer is that there is more than one way to approach this. There are individual preferences and industry/subject discipline standards.

But, if I could just offer you ONE tip. Be consistent.

The way that you’ve chosen to style your headings should be consistent throughout the text that you’ve written.

šŸ”” Whether that’s title case or sentence case. Whether you’ve chosen to capitalise the first letter of every word or even every letter. Always choose the same style throughout so your reader has a frictionless reading experience.

šŸ”  A handy tool for this is the website Capitalize My Title. It allows you to see what your headings would look like using a range of different style options. It also allows you to choose AP, APA, Chicago, MLA or other style guides to help you make an informed decision.

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