Should food names be capitalised in menus? And other considerations when proofreading food writing.

πŸ˜‹ I proofread some menus today and they made me so hungry!

They were Indian menus of dishes prepared for special occasions.

If I hadn’t already sorted a shepherd’s pie for tea then I definitely would have ordered a takeaway tonight. Though it’s probably best I didn’t as it wouldn’t have lived up to the menus I was proofreading. πŸ˜…






Oooh yes… That would go down very nicely. 😊

It was important I didn’t get distracted from the task at hand with the deliciousness of the menus, however. πŸ”Ž

I had to ensure:

βœ… Consistency of style choices in use of capitalisation etc.
βœ… Spelling of ‘unusual’ ingredients (unusual to Word, not necessarily unusual to the reader)
βœ… Accuracy and consistency of hyphenation
βœ… Accuracy and consistency of punctuation

❓Does reading about food always make you fancy it?

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