A proud moment: when Jon released his book ‘Blind Gambit’ about living with a visual impairment.

Today I want to talk about a proud moment.

The release of my husband’s book ‘Blind Gambit’ made me proud. Proofread by yours truly. 😊

It was actually two years ago and was not Jon’s first release, but it was a really important one which tells some truths about what it’s like to live with visual impairment.

Brian, the teenage protagonist, has a chip implanted which allows him to see in the virtual world of Gambit, the RPG beloved of teenage gamers in the book’s setting. But he cannot see in the ‘real’ world. He feels like the big I am in the virtual world and like a burden in the real world which presents an interesting conflict.

I mean, obviously I am biased, but it is good. πŸ‘

I sometimes get a bit embarrassed when I tell people I proofread my husband’s work. There’s no reason I should feel like this. I am CIEP-qualified so it would be silly not to. He really struggled working through the edits when he sent off his work to be proofread by other editors, so it makes sense. πŸ˜…

I am proofreading his Ravenglass Chronicles fantasy series periodically at the moment. I’m on a nice roll alternating between a book of Jon’s and then a book by an external client. So the last few months have been fantasy->romance->fantasy->romance πŸ²πŸ’•πŸ²πŸ’•

It’s working out nicely.😊

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