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❓ If you’ve never tried something, how do you know if it’s missing from your life?

In Grace Dent’s column this week, she ponders whether she’ll ever be able to go back to ‘eat[ing] toast served in what feels like a working creche by someone wearing a singlet and displaying armpit hair’ 🤣when she can order breakfast straight from M&S by Deliveroo instead.

It’s not a quandary I’ve faced, but it got me thinking about when we take a leap to try new things.

The leap of faith Grace Dent faced was whether a £4.50 delivery fee would be worth it for her favourite M&S bits. Pretty low stakes for someone as successful as Grace.

For many, deciding to take a punt makes us nervous. It’s annoying to fork out for something and then think, well that’s crap.

The lower the stakes, the better.

😀 And when it turns out well, winner!

That’s why free trials work so well. How many of us are now hooked on Netflix/Disney+ as a result of ‘try before you buy’ incentives?

If the big-hitters do it, so can I. It’s something I’ve done since I set up.

If you’re unsure whether you want/need your writing proofread or edited, try before you buy.

For authors, I offer a free 1000-word sample edit.

For bloggers, send me one post to get a feel for what I do.

👍 Connect me if you’re interested.

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