May 12th 2020. Fantasy novel: top proofreading spots.

🔎 Today’s top #proofreading spots from a fantasy novel. ❌ The tower rose in the distance, its height all the more impressiveness from her vantage point ➡️ impressive ✅ ❌ The creature’s wings billowed and caught on an updraft ➡️ updraught ✅ 🇬🇧 ❌ Mystical plains ➡️ planes ✅ ❌ A minute or slater ➡️Continue reading “May 12th 2020. Fantasy novel: top proofreading spots.”

Is it immanent or imminent? Top proofreading spot.

🔎 Most satisfying #proofreading spot of the day: Immanent ➡️ imminent ⛔ Microsoft Word’s spellcheck did not recognise ‘immanent’ as being incorrect. Why not? 💡 Because ‘immanent’ is a word. It means “existing or operating within; inherent” (Google Dictionary definition). But the author of this #gamelit novel wanted ‘imminent’ as in “about to happen”. That’sContinue reading “Is it immanent or imminent? Top proofreading spot.”

March 23rd 2020. Puzzle book: top proofreading spots.

🔎 Today’s #proofreading spots are from a fascinating project I’ve been working on: a lateral-thinking puzzle disguised as a furniture catalogue. Errors shared with permission. ❌ inhance ➡️ enhance ✅ ❌ metalllic ➡️ metallic ✅ ❌ ubiqitous ➡️ ubiquitous ✅ ❌ fascimile ➡️ facsimile ✅ ❌ seperately ➡️ separately ✅ Problems like this can occurContinue reading “March 23rd 2020. Puzzle book: top proofreading spots.”