March 23rd 2020. Puzzle book: top proofreading spots.

🔎 Today’s #proofreading spots are from a fascinating project I’ve been working on: a lateral-thinking puzzle disguised as a furniture catalogue.

Errors shared with permission.

❌ inhance ➡️ enhance ✅

❌ metalllic ➡️ metallic ✅

❌ ubiqitous ➡️ ubiquitous ✅

❌ fascimile ➡️ facsimile ✅

❌ seperately ➡️ separately ✅

Problems like this can occur when you’re typing directly into a design program. Word may have noticed these issues, but when text is added at a later design stage, misspellings can crop up.

I also checked for issues such as:

◾Hyphenation in words such as coordinate/co-ordinate

◾Style of headings e.g. sentence case Vs title case; full stops or no full stops

◾Spacing issues

◾Repeated/missing words

◾Contents page cross-checking against chapter page ranges

I love fixing fiddly issues such as these. 😁

I have a feeling this book will do very well. Perfect timing.

❓Are you into puzzles? What floats your boat? An arrow word, a code-breaker, sudoku? Have you stocked up to see you through?!

Let me know!

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