POV: You do your best proofreading when you’ve committed your work to its most permanent form. Confessions.

🎻 What’s that music you’d hear on those Radio 2 confessions?
Bring it to mind to accompany this post.
💭 A memory popped into my head this morning.
And that memory involves an occasion where an error I introduced into a text went to print.
❗ Before you all scratch me from your proofreading Rolodex, know this: I was 14 years old, just about to turn 15.
It was June of 1997 and I was on work experience at the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald. That’s the local newspaper in my old stomping ground.
I was put in charge of typing up the What’s On column for the Saturday paper.
9️⃣ And, horror of horrors, I hit a stray key. A random number 9 appeared mid-word. I can’t remember now what word suddenly had this new digit, but it’d be something like Eden Vall9ey Banger Racing.
📰 I was so excited to see my copy in print when the paper came out on the Saturday. And, of course, my eye was immediately drawn to that error.
🔎 As people say: You do your best proofreading when you’ve committed your work to its most permanent form.
I’ve not thought about this for years. But a meme brought it to mind this morning. I came to proofreading and editing in my 30s, but I wonder if something took root that day?
🔡 Feel free to share your typo confessions below. What have you mistyped that’s made it to print?

Me (Claire Cherry) aged 15 in a black school uniform with a white shirt and a red and black striped tie
15-year-old Claire Cherry: that’s me! A year after the traumatising stray 9 issue 😂

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