Come in. The water’s fine. How working with an editor can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I reckon signing up with an editor must be like looking at the sea and deciding whether you want to dive in.

The sea at Morecambe
Does the water look fine?

It could be amazing.

It might be awful.

I shared with you recently that the next six — now eight! — months are looking really decent for me work-wise. All fiction. Perfect. All indie authors. Excellent. Genres I love. Yes! Lots of bookings and a healthy amount of enquiries for any remaining slots. Lots of opportunities to help authors get their books ready for publishing.

I am so close to being able to tell you I’m booked up until autumn.

I have an author who has approached the water cautiously. He’s dipped his toe. He’s thinking about it. He thinks he’s going to go for it. But he could back out if he decides against it. And that’s fine. I only want him to go ahead if he’s happy we’re the right fit.

And another who very much likes the look of the sea. And has heard great things about the sea from someone who has already experienced its rejuvenating powers. But is it the right time of year? Will the water be more clement if they wait a while and then take the plunge?

I get it. I really do.

It’s scary.

But I do what I can to reassure you: clear outlines of services; a sample edit; a contract that makes terms and conditions transparent and above board; open and honest communication; a proven track record with lots of testimonials to reassure you that this works.

You don’t have to leap into the unknown unaided. Let me be your pool noodle.

I’m mixing my metaphors and I’ve gone a bit John Cooper Clarke, so I’ll leave it there…

March and May edits are in discussion. Beginning of June is up for grabs. Otherwise we are looking at autumn.

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