Is it shrunk or shrank? (Did Honey, I Shrunk The Kids get it wrong?)

Did you know some people consider there to be an error in this film title?

Honey I Shrunk The Kids film poster

The argument goes that it should be called:

Honey, I SHRANK the kids.

Shrank is the past tense of shrink.*

Shrunk is the past participle.

If he’d wanted to be all passive and wash his hands of responsibility, Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski could have said:

Honey, the kids were shrunk.

(After the verb ‘to be’ — conjugated here as ‘were’ — shrunk would have been correct.)

See also:

Drank and drunk

Sank and sunk

Grammar is fun! šŸŽ‰

(*Though, to be fair to the creative team behind the film, Merriam-Webster lists shrunk as a variant, so maybe it is OK? What do you think?)

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