New service: manuscript assessments.

Early last month, I wrote a post about signing a contract with a client to do my first manuscript assessment.

Anyway, it went well!

David Ford testimonial: When Claire suggested a Manuscript Assessment I was uncertain whether this was what I needed or not. I am so glad I agreed! Claire's assessment of my manuscript was truly excellent. She commented on many things - both great and small - but it was her comments on the structure that I found most valuable. One of the constant nagging itches I struggle with is how much detail to provide the reader, so I can be sure that they 'got it'. Claire's assessment of the manuscript will be invaluable to me as I and the manuscript continue on our writing journey.

I’m really pleased with this testimonial.

Honestly, even though it was my first one, I didn’t find it a difficult task. It took me a while, yes, as I was overthinking everything, but it wasn’t hard. (Don’t worry – I didn’t charge by the hour!)

What was brilliant about it was that it was a proper synthesis of various skills I have built up over the years. Skills I’ve developed through formal education such as my academic studies in literature, as well as the training courses I’ve done with the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. Plus the years of teaching both language and literature. But above all else, all of the reading and considering I’ve done.

😍 LOVED it! More please.

Contact me if you’d like a manuscript assessment.

This comes earlier in the process than an edit. If you’re deliberating whether your manuscript ‘has legs’, this might be the service for you.

I’m still offering line editing, copy editing and proofreading, but this is a service so new it’s not even here on my website yet! Watch this space.

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