Write it once. Sell it forever. Books are assets. Start creating yours today.

👋 Hey, you. Creative person in your 30s.

You know you’ve been thinking about writing a book…

But, you’re in your 30s… You’d better get serious now.

And throwing yourself into a made-up world of moonlit romances does not seem all that serious.

And that family member keeps asking if you’ve started saving for your future…

🗣️ Tell them:

“I’m creating assets.”

📖 Write your book once.

Sell it x ♾️

You can make money from your book for your lifetime + 75 years. (🇬🇧 UK — varies elsewhere)

That’s an asset for you plus whoever follows on from you.

💡 Makes sense.

Best of both worlds. You can be creatively satisfied in a world of moonlit romances plus you have the potential for financial benefits.

Oh yeah!

(Small print: yes, there’s more to it than this. It’s got to be a good book that’ll resonate with readers. And you’ve got to market it. But you know, people do. You could too.)

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