What words and phrases do you find pleasing?

Some words and phrases are just pleasing.

“Belt and braces.”

This is the idiom my computer repair guy used last week when he came to fix my WiFi issues. I now have two ways of connecting and, if one’s slow, the other will kick in.

“Cut and shut.” This phrase came to mind when my son and I were looking through a dog breeds book at the library. I wish I’d taken a photo of the page, or at least remembered the dog breed. (I’m telling half a story… ) Anyway, it was basically the reverse of a mullet. They’re described as ‘business at the front, party at the back.’ This dog was party at the front, business at the back. Some impressive mane around its head and then short fur over the rest of its body. Or, to use a metaphor from the car industry: a cut and shut.

And the final one. Sorry – not funny. I’m ruining the tone I’ve set. Catafalque.

I could think I’m living in a simulation with this one. An author I edited for last month used the word ‘catafalque’ in her cosy mystery. I thought I knew what it meant but I looked it up anyway to double check. It’s the raised platform a coffin is placed on. I googled this term in the first week of September. Then, you know what happened. The Queen died and I kept hearing that word on news reports. Pattern recognition kicking in or something? Not the happiest subject. But it’s a pleasing word. It’s nice to say. It’s got a pleasing rhythm.

Just me?

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