Indie authors: when you can’t work, your books can. Book sales can give your family wiggle room.

📍Indie authors take note. There’s money to be made even when there’s a bump in the road.


Your books can make money while you look after your family.

I am obviously not rejoicing that my son has picked up some kind of primary school freshers’ flu on his return to class this September…

But I am rejoicing that I no longer have to ask permission to rejig my hours to support him.

💼 I started full-time self-employment less than a week ago. 

Before that, I had two jobs. Freelance editing: three days per week. Teaching: two days per week.

Now it’s 100% editing. Cherry Edits all the way.

So I don’t have to call anyone. Sort any cover work. Feel guilty one way or the other. (Either for going to work or not going to work.)

I am my own boss.

🤞 And as long as I can get him settled on the sofa with a film for a couple of hours, I can get the work done that’s desperate. (And at this lucky juncture, nothing is desperate. I’m working on a project, but it’s not due to be returned yet. So I’ve got some wiggle room.) 

Plus, there’s Jon Cronshaw here with us too. We can tag team.

It’s not the British way, but let’s be uncouth for a moment and mention money…

💷 Jon made over £150 in book sales yesterday. Everyone’s success metrics and individual contexts are different, but that’s what we’d call decent. He’s a full-time indie author. It’s a great cottage industry we’ve got going on here. He is one of my clients. I’ve written about the disability factor before so I won’t go into it now, but it’s enough to say that his books are a team effort. A family asset.

And while we might be caught up in household matters, the books can still be selling. And indeed they are.

So, for us, writing and editing — the whole kit and caboodle of publishing — really works. It aligns with the things we value.

– Autonomy

– Flexibility

– Family

– Creativity

– Opportunity

– Ambition

⏳ So, indie authors: cherish your writing time. You are creating assets. When you hit a bump in the road, you’ll be happy you’ve got this wiggle room.


💡 You know your book sales will be better if you have a professional product.

And here’s where I come in. 

Hire me for line editing, copy-editing or proofreading. 

🇬🇧 🇺🇲 I edit British English, American English and other Englishes.

I’m an indie fiction specialist.

😀 I sell confidence, if that’s something you’re after.

🌐 Check out my service packages today to see how I can help you.


❓ Who am I speaking to here? 

– Are some of you nodding in agreement as kids return home from school under the weather, just as you’d shooed them out from under your feet? 

– Have you got wiggle room in your job so you can cope with life’s obstacles when they arise?

– Have you created some assets that work for you even when you can’t put in the hours?

⬇️ Let me know in the comments.

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