If you want an insight into what it takes to get a book to print, read the acknowledgements.

📢 New writers.

Have you studied the acknowledgements?

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen yesterday I suggested The Editing Podcast is an excellent port of call for those wanting advice on the various components of publishing…

May I also suggest you check out the acknowledgements sections of the books you have knocking about at home. (Or from the library, as is the case for the book I’ve photographed here.)

M. W. Craven’s Dead Ground

I love acknowledgements. The author’s personality always shines through.

And you get a brilliant insight into the various people involved in getting a book to print.

I’m absolutely creasing with laughter at M. W. Craven’s acknowledgements in Dead Ground. He truly shows there are a lot of different elements involved and he thanks each member of his team with an appropriate level of gratitude! (‘Don’t get too cocky, mate…’ Ha!!)

Whether the author is traditionally published or has gone the indie route, the acknowledgements can be equally illuminating.

Just a thought.

âť“ Do you read the acknowledgements?

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