Is it me, myself or I? The correct use of first person pronouns.

Sara Rosinsky’s post about the misuse of me/I pronouns

Sara Rosinsky’s wisdom needs to be shared widely.

I’d like to add that the same goes for the word ‘myself’.


Jessica and myself have organised a workshop. ❌
Jessica and I have organised a workshop. ✅


Please address all enquiries to myself. ❌
Please address all enquires to me. ✅

I love Sara’s phrasing: ‘Despite what your mother may have led you to believe…’

🧐 It really does seem like people think the words ‘I’ and ‘myself’ are posher than ‘me.’

Anyway, perhaps this post will be a lightbulb moment?

Or perhaps you’re an agent of language change and you’re just moving with the flow?

But, go forth and pronoun from a position of knowledge.

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