How do I find motivation to tick things off my to-do list? I tell my accountability group I’m going to do them.

I’m currently ticking off my last couple of January goals.

🎯 I said I’d contact eight publishers in Jan. So far I’ve done five, so I’ll do another three today.

🎯 I said I’d attend an in-person creative writing group in Jan. So I’m going to one this afternoon.

“I said I’d…” refers to the fact I told my accountability group I’d get these things done.

So I’ll get them done.

If you’ve got things you want to get done — whether that’s word count or publishing goals for indie authors, or marketing/CPD goals for proofreaders and editors — I strongly recommend joining or creating an accountability group. It’s something that’d work in any industry.

If you want to know how I went about setting up mine and how it works/runs, just ask.

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