Do you attend a creative writing group?

I’ve spent the afternoon at a creative writing group in Morecambe.

I really enjoyed the writing prompts and exercises.

1) A piece of free writing based on the word of the day — travail.

2) A first lines auction. This was a great idea. Everyone writes an opening line (to a poem, piece of prose, whatever.) You read the line aloud and others in the group pitch their ideas for what they’d do with that line. The person with the idea most favourable to the line-writer wins the line.

3) Creative writing based on the opening line we’d won.

I’ve got two nice pieces of writing out of this.

For your interest, the opening line I supplied was:

✍️ “Betty Winder, is that you?”

And the opening line I ‘won’ and worked from was:

✍️ After years spent getting to the top, yet another summit revealed itself.

That was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

❓Do you attend a creative writing group? What do you do at yours?

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