Looking for someone to edit your indie fiction novel?

Me: It’s crazy how many more enquiries I’m getting now. Seems to have really ramped up.

Jon: Not really. You’re working on it an extra day a week. That’s a day extra for marketing and putting yourself out there.


I suppose that’s true. Whatever is going on, whether it’s simply time, or self-belief, or some kind of momentum snowball effect – most likely all three – I’m very pleased with how my business is growing.

I’m getting more enquiries for edits. The conversion rate from enquiry to getting booked in is really healthy so people are obviously pleased with the communications and sample stages, and the best part of all is that I’m in a position to be picky. To be honest, I’ve always been that way, but now it’s not a case of turning something down and having no alternative. Now I can say no to a 80k word book on military history not just because it’s not my thing, but because I’ve got a 90k word romance author who wants to use my services instead.

Oh, that’s a good feeling and long may it last.

And it’s giving me a really solid experience base.

Here are some numbers. As of 14th November 2021:

– I’ve had 34 editing projects, 23 of which have been fiction clients

– I’ve edited 1,699,625 words

– I’ve done 520 hours of editorial work

– I’ve got 26 upgrade points for the professional development I’ve done with the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. That’s five courses and three conferences.

If you want me to use the sharpest, most honed tools of my editing repertoire to help you nail your manuscript ready for publication, we’d be an amazing team if:

– You’re an indie fiction author

– You write romance, women’s fiction or fantasy

– Your manuscript is currently in Word document form

– Your novella/novel ranges between 20k and 150k words

– You have the budget to afford the £10–£15 (ish) per 1000 words that it will cost to get your words edited

If that sounds like you, check out my testimonials and then, if you’re happy, head to the contact form to share some details of your project.

I’m booked up until late January, but if you’ve got something that needs doing around February 2022 or after, get in touch.

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