Today’s top proofreading spots.

🔎 Top #proofreading spots from an edit I’m working on.

1️⃣ I looked causally at… ❌ ➡ I looked casually at … ✔

2️⃣ My friend Jaime ❌ My friend Jamie ✔ (The name had been Jamie throughout so this was just a typo/letter switch)

3️⃣ I used to be less social ❌ I used to be less sociable ✔

In addition to this:

◻ Missing closing speech marks have been spotted and added.

◻ Dialogue tags and action beats have been checked and fixed where needed. Some action beats had been tagged on to speech with a comma. That’s sorted now.

◻ I’ve made sure spellings are right for the variety of English.

All in a day’s work.

#CherryEdits #Proofreading #Editing #EagleEyedCherry

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