Jon is 39! And continues to inspire me every day.

Jon with his guide dog at a museum.

🎉 39 today! Time for a 😍 post about the birthday boy, Jon Cronshaw.

Despite many challenges, Jon is so driven. He has fallen on his feet with indie publishing. He loves being an author and having control of the various components really suits his Del Boy suite of skills picked up over the years.

Everything from audio editing — a skill picked up from a college course on sound engineering back in the late 90s and honed ever since (which makes for very polished author podcasts), to working with archives — picked up from his PhD in art history (and very useful for research purposes), and a great head for numbers — no doubt helped by time spent working for TD Waterhouse stockbrokers (meaning that the business finance elements do not faze him.)

Then, of course, there’s the creative writing itself. That’s been self-taught more or less with the support of many hours of audiobooks on the subject, many webinars and, most importantly, continuous practice. Plus, the odd intervention from me on past participles, subject/verb agreement and dangling modifiers over the years! 😅

The main thing he teaches me is to keep going. Make incremental improvements towards your goals.

And we’re getting there. The Cronshaw family writing and editing empire is well underway.

Time to celebrate.🎉

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