December 15th 2020. Fantasy novel: top proofreading spots.

It’s only 10.45 and I’ve already saved The World.

That’s the name of the novella I’ve proofread this morning.

πŸ”Ž Here are my top #proofreading spots from the manuscript.

1️⃣ The wyvern’s took to the air. ❌ ➑ wyverns βœ”

2️⃣ “I feel like a raised you.” ❌ ➑ I raised βœ”

3️⃣ She did nothing to hide the distain from her voice. ❌➑ disdain βœ”

4️⃣ She felt the tremours through her boots. ❌ ➑ tremors βœ”

5️⃣ She looked across to the five stories of the building opposite. ❌ ➑ storeys

πŸ”’ And, possibly the most satisfying, I noticed there were two chapter 7s. 😬

These errors enterered the text for a variety of reasons. The author dictates his manuscripts and that accounts for errors such as ‘a raised’ which is probably how it sounded to the software. Sometimes the author is obviously so into the flow of his writing that he doesn’t notice things like the ‘stories’ and ‘distain’ mistakes. It’s not that he doesn’t know. And the chapter number errors, well that’s so easily done.

These things were not caught by Word or the author. It’s so hard to proofread your own work. You read what you think is there rather than what’s actually there.

πŸ”Ž That’s why I’m here to quality assure.

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