How can an accountability group help me achieve my goals?

I’m going to blow my own trumpet and reflect that, career-wise, 2020 has gone well. 🎺

This is in no small part due to the motivating coaching call I had with Lisa Carlin back in May.

As soon as I came off the Zoom, I sent out feelers to a few others in the same industry as me to see what they thought of the idea of an accountability group.

We now post our monthly goals in an online group. We post them on or before the first of the month, and reflect on how we’ve done by the end of the month. We also have Zoom meetings every other month. Our targets are all pretty much work-related: the actual nuts and bolts of the job, behind the scenes stuff and CPD.

It’s really powerful putting these goals down ‘on paper’ publicly and has certainly given me the momentum to get lots done. I’ve become more attuned to what is achievable, and have developed strategies to get things done at the most efficient times for me. When I tick off a target in the first couple of days, I end up being far more successful. I’ve started as I mean to go on and that works really well.

I write my goals using nice visual backgrounds on Adobe Spark. I save them as a jpeg then set the picture as my background on my PC.

❓How do you keep momentum going to achieve your goals?

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