My career path may have changed, but words are still at the heart of it.

Words. Words. Words. 🥰

At 18, I wasn’t ready to move to a city university. I was a country girl. Keele Uni with its rural campus was the ideal solution and offered me the useful bonus of dual honours. I loved English lit and French and I didn’t know which one to pick, so I was able to do both.

Sadly, two years in and poised to move to France for the compulsory study abroad component, I was unable to go due to a family bereavement. All was not lost, however, as by this time I’d decided I wanted to be a teacher and Keele allowed me to pick up Educational Studies.

The French I’d studied was by no means wasted. I maintain I learnt more about grammar from my language studies than I ever did in my English degree. We never really went into sentence construction in lit.

There followed a move to Leeds where Jon studied for his MA and PhD while I did my PGCE in English and started my teaching career.

Fast forward 13 years, I had a real itch to learn new skills. The teacher became the student. I joined the SfEP as it was then called and started working through their suite of proofreading courses and, more recently, copyediting.

It’s always been about the words. My degree, my teaching and now my editing. Words have always been at the heart of it. 🥰

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