Reflections on CIEP 2020. Day 2 at the conference.

Another busy but successful day. 😁

I managed to fit in two sessions of #CIEP2020. Total fangirl moment with Denise *the Scottish one* Cowle’s interview with legend of dictionary corner, Susie Dent. I learnt about the etymology of ‘quarantine’, why some words from this year are likely to have short shelf-lives (like quarantini 🍸) and that Susie is reading ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ — one of my favourites. Is there a slimier character in literature than Alec? *Shudder. 😬

Also attended Karen Cox and Paul Beverley’s session on macros. I have previously dabbled, but, my goodness, who knew that with a single keystroke, you can set your computer to automatically search Google Maps for a place name mentioned in your manuscript. That’s exciting. 🌍 Can’t wait to have a play around with these.

I’m teaching tomorrow so I won’t be able to attend day 3.

I’ve cleared some time in December to catch up on the conference sessions I’ve missed. Need to see Erin Brenner’s on marketing, Louise Harnby’s website session and Maya Berger’s Excel webinar. Too useful to miss.

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