What is Cumberland and Westmorland dialect?

Driving yam for Christmas? I’m not. Not this year.🚗 Yam is Cumberland and Westmorland dialect for home. As garn yam means I’m going home. I love my home dialect. It’s so colourful. I sometimes find standard English variants don’t cut the mustard and don’t quite mean what I want to say. Take waffy. You couldContinue reading “What is Cumberland and Westmorland dialect?”

Yorkshire Day: my favourite Yorkshire dialect words.

🗯️ You know I’m a fan of regional dialect. Today is #YorkshireDay and, while that’s not my heritage, the 12 years I spent living there were happy ones. To celebrate the linguistic variety of this beloved place, here are a few of my favourite Yorkshire-isms. (Now, it’s a BIG county so not all folk useContinue reading “Yorkshire Day: my favourite Yorkshire dialect words.”