Sending your book to an editor is like sending your kid on a school residential.

🚸 Am I talking about sending your kid on a school residential?

📚 Or might this be an analogy…?

  • Kit list? Checked and packed.
  • Delivery to handover point? Done and on time.
  • Are you handing them over to a total random? No! That would be irresponsible.
  • Slightly nervous about how it’ll go? Naturally.
  • Do you think they can handle it? Of course!
  • Will you be thinking about how they’re getting on while they’re away? Certainly.
  • Do you hope they’re being well looked after? Absolutely.
  • Will their little holiday also be a welcome break for you? YES!! 🎉

And when they get back…?

  • Are you looking forward to hearing how it went? Can’t wait!

This analogy can run much further. But I reckon that’ll do. 😃

Handing over your manuscript to an editor might be like sending your kid on their school residential.

Be brave. It could be the making of them!

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