Is it every day or everyday?

❓ Do you often use the word ‘commonplace’ or one of its synonyms?

Artwork from V+A Dundee that says: plain and ornamental of every description

From time to time, I’m sure. You sometimes need to say that things are usual or ordinary.

But my gut feeling is that you use the phrase ‘every day’ more regularly.

✅ I brush my teeth every day.

✅ I check my emails every day.

You don’t brush your teeth everyday. ❌ And you don’t check your emails everyday. ❌

Because everyday (as one word) means ‘commonplace’.

✅ Something can be an everyday occurrence.

✅ Or you may be wearing your everyday clothes (as opposed to your special ones).

💡 So I’m guessing you’re going to have more call to use ‘every day’ — to mean each separate day — than ‘everyday’.

👩‍🎓 You’ll only need ‘everyday’ (as one word) when you’re talking about something typical or regular or commonplace.

▶️ every day = determiner + noun (~ each one)
▶️ everyday = adjective (~ usual)

Is this an everyday social media post? Let’s hope not.

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