If a book doesn’t have a pacy plot, can it still be good?

What books live in your mind library and why?

Book covers. Things Fall Apart. The Remains of the Day. Trumpet. Reservoir 13
Book covers: Things Fall Apart. The Remains of the Day. Trumpet Reservoir 13.

I’ve just finished Things Fall Apart.

Wow. I don’t have a detailed review to share with you as it’s one that’ll take a while to process.

What I can say about it is that I reckon it’ll live in my mind library on the same shelves as Trumpet, Remains of the Day and Reservoir 13.


Because none of these books have rip-roaring plots. Each one is still a satisfying narrative because there are changes and there are arcs, but you wouldn’t call them pacy.

I had a lively debate with friends about this in the pub the other Friday.

Yeah, I like plot-driven stuff. I read a lot of it. But I also have a lot of time for books that leave me with more of a feeling.

It’s ages since I read The Remains of the Day, but I still ponder it.

It’s over three years since I read Reservoir 13, but I still find myself thinking about the village and its characters.

I read Trumpet last winter and it moved me. I still feel it.

And I reckon that Things Fall Apart will do the same thing.

Did I enjoy it? If you know what happens in the book, you’ll understand why ‘enjoy’ isn’t the right word.

As I said, it’s one that will take time to process. So off it goes to join other books that live in my consciousness library.

Mind library. Consciousness library. Have I stolen this from Sherlock’s mind palace concept?

❓What books live in your mind library and why?

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