There’s a typo in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee book for primary school children. Big Five publishers won’t promise perfection, even to the Queen. Be wary of anyone who promises it.

👑 What’s stopping me taking a photo of a typo in Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebration book – given to 4.5 million primary school children as a keepsake for this historic occasion?

Is it the following sentence from the back matter?

©️ ‘No part of this publication may be reproduced…without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.’

〰️ Is it that I don’t want to prompt debate into the pros and cons of the monarchy and/or the costs/benefits of the Jubilee?

😱 Is it empathy with the editorial team – in that I’d not be keen to see this karma revisited on me? 

Can’t it be all of the above? 

📢 Yet, here I am, mentioning it.

So, take from this what you will, but here are some objective sentences about this scenario.

🎒 My son brought home a copy of this book from school.

‍🎓 A team of experts collaborated on the book.

🔎 I spotted there’s a letter missing from the word ‘throughout’.

👍 The meaning of the sentence is unhindered by this blip.

OK? OK. 

🙈 Ah, you’ve caught me out…There’s an angle. There’s always an angle.

And I suppose it’s this.

❗ Indie authors: even in major publishing houses’ editorial teams, things are sometimes missed.

Perfection doesn’t exist. 

🚩 If you see the promise of perfection from anyone involved in publishing or editorial work, that’s a red flag. 

💷 You won’t get that promise from the Big Five publishers – and they’re the ones with money to spend on multiple rounds of editing.

👑 Even with a client as important as the Queen, they’re not going to make that promise.

❗ Be wary if you see this promise from indie publishers or author services providers.

That is all.

😊 As you were.

📩 If you want someone to do a bloomin’ good job proofreading or copyediting your book, connect with me and let’s make that happen.

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