Getting real for a minute. Why attending an indie author conference was such a big moment for me. #20BooksMadrid.

Hi, it’s Claire Cronshaw from Cherry Edits and it’s time for me to share a real and raw moment with you.

I’m here at the IFEMA in Madrid.

Claire Cronshaw selfie outside IFEMA, Madrid

You can see it there behind me.

This is the 20 Books conference for indie authors.

We’re on a break, but I’ve stepped out because I want to tell you about something.

There must be about 200/250 people in the conference that I’m attending.

The numbers there could be wrong. I’m really rubbish at guessing things like that.

It’s the typical conference setup you’d expect: a packed schedule of talks in conference rooms. The rooms are set up in rows; in one of the rooms the chairs click into one another so you can’t separate them.

Now that might seem a bit of a weird detail to be telling you.

But, anybody who knows me and who has known me for a while, will know that little detail is something that doesn’t exactly sit with me well – if you pardon the pun.

I hate the feeling of being hemmed in.

And in the past, a little detail like that, like the chairs being attached to one another, would have sent me into a bit of a spiral.

I’ve not been good with big meetings, big conference halls, for quite a number of years.

I’ve been the one taking Rescue Remedy – any little trick to psych myself up to enter one of these conference rooms. And, even then, I might go in, sit down for a bit, but how long would I last without darting off?

But, do you know what: I’m a day and a half into this conference now. (It’s a two-day conference.) And, I’m OK!

My stomach isn’t doing any weird gurgling. I haven’t got clammy palms.

I’m actually feeling really good.

So, what’s the difference? What’s the big breakthrough?

The difference is that I am here because I absolutely, definitely want to be here.

This is professional development I’ve chosen for myself.

I’m here because I want to listen. I want to learn.

I want to hear what these indie authors have to say.

And I am not going to self-sabotage this opportunity which, again, I’ve chosen for myself.

I work for myself. I’m self-employed. I’m an editor. And I work with indie authors.

We’re all in the indie game together.

Self-employment is such a game-changer. The indie way. The indie life. It’s the right one for you as an indie author. And it’s the right one for me – an editor who is lucky enough to work with indie authors.

If you want to know any more about me – what I edit, what I do: follow me on social media.

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