An editor who makes indie authors happy. Testimonials say my top skills are attention to detail and excellent communication.

😎 I try to be cool…

but marketing can be cringy.

📆 I’ve set myself the challenge this week of using client testimonials as part of a marketing push.

That’s such a lie. 😬

The reality is I’d set myself the challenge of sharing social proof three weeks ago – but I keep bumping it back a week.

I won’t ignore it for a third week so here we are.

🎺 When a new client testimonial comes my way, I’m more than happy to blow my own trumpet and share a screenshot.

⏰ But doing it now, apropos of nothing, isn’t coming as easily.

But, social proof, eh?!

It matters.

So, may I humbly present a more holistic approach to telling you what people say about my editing.

🔢 Like a good linguistics student, I’ve been gathering data.

I’ve been looking at the words used in client testimonials.

These are the reviews, recommendations – whatever you want to call them – that authors have written about me after I’ve returned their edits.

And I’ve alphabetized the words, noting their frequency.

Want to know the 14 that came up most?

✔ Amazing

✔ Approachable

✔ Attention – this, by the way, is used two times more than any other word 🥇

✔ Communicate/communicating/communication – actually, when combined into one, these match the frequency of ‘attention’ 🥇

✔ Efficient

✔ Excellent

✔ Experience/experiences

✔ Friendly/friendliness

✔ Happy – second highest 😊 🥈

✔ Helpful

✔ Professional 🥉

✔ Thorough/thoroughness

✔ Timely

✔ Wonderful/wonderfully

So, there you have it.

If you want to check out these words in situ (and scrutinise my methodology by doing the count yourself), head to my testimonials page and/or see them on LinkedIn.

Why the need for a marketing push?

📈 Well, I’m scaling up my business.

From September 2022, I will be editing full time (up from three days per week).

That means I can fit in an extra client a month.

📚 If you’re an indie author and you want a professional editor whose strengths are: attention (to detail), communication and making you happy, head to my contact page now.

Word cloud created from words used on my testimonial page

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