Have you got to know me over on my social media channels? Head there to find out more.

😜 Yep, I mess around on social media. Do you want to know why?

Well, it’s fun.

I really like the creativity and self-expression.

I like learning how to do new things.

But it’s more than that.

I want you to see how I roll.

💡 I want you to think, ‘Ah, yeah, Claire. I know her. She’s the one who…’

• Lives at the seaside

• Is a prolific reader

• Likes pottering around in her garden

• Is always going on about libraries

🔎 I also hope you get a bit of an insight into what I do as an editor:

• That I work on a lot of fantasy and romance manuscripts

• That I work with indie authors

• That I get a lot of satisfaction helping to clean up prose

And my hope is that you’ll think, ‘In this world where there are so many freelancers available at the end of an email, or on various gigwork platforms, it’s Claire I want working on my book…’

• Because I know her

• I know she loves books

• I know she’s experienced

• She’ll respect me as an author

• She’s honest and reflective and a good egg

• She’s always busy – and that’s a good sign

And totally humble too (especially when blowing her own trumpet, and talking about herself in the third person 🎺.)

So, yep, I mess about on social media.

And if you’re not irritated by that – that’s good!

🤝 Follow me. Get to know me.

And, if and when you are ready to cast the net for an editor or proofreader for your next novel, reach out to me.

🤫 Want to know a secret? ~90% of my novelist clients so far have been indie author connections from social media. So, they’ve all done what you’re doing now. Followed, watched from afar, left the odd comment, engaged in a bit of chatter. They’ve weighed me up – then slid into my DMs. And it’s worked a treat. Check out my testimonials here on my website and on LinkedIn for a flavour of their feedback.

You’ve got to trust your gut on this. I’m not a bot. I’m not some random who will just run your manuscript through Grammarly and charge you for the privilege.

And you know this.

If you like the cut of my jib, keep doing what you’re doing – and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

🗓 I’m all booked up now until I return from #20BooksMadrid, but if you’re working on a draft you think will be ready for an edit in the summer/autumn, let’s get the ball rolling.

I offer a free 1000-word sample edit to weigh up the level of intervention needed and the charge for your project as a whole. I have space to fit samples in this spring.

👋 Lurkers, followers, commenters, DMers, all – whatever brought you here: welcome.

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CherryEdits.com Indie Fiction Specialist. Line Editing. Copy Editing. Proofreading.

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