How writing could help you if you’re feeling stuck.

Feeling stuck? Do some writing. (Or basket weaving or something. Whatever suits. 😁)

Caught two minutes of the Steven Bartlett podcast and learnt a cool thing that I’d never thought about before. Well, I have, but not quite in such straightforward terms.

Mel Robbins (? — I will look her up…) was talking about people who feel stuck. She mentioned Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.


Up to things like growth.

Absence of food = hunger
Absence of water = thirst
Absence of air = 😬

Absence of growth = stuck

Feelings of hunger and thirst are signals to you to address these basic needs. You get something to eat. You get yourself a drink.

According to Robbins, feeling stuck is the signal that you need to address the absence of growth.

Actually, that’s bloomin’ obvious I suppose. But she suggested that it doesn’t matter how little the growth is, just start addressing it and you’ll be on your way to feeling better.

So, learn a new skill. Take a course. Try a hobby.

Maybe for you that could be writing?

Start a blog. Write a poem. Do some journalling.

Why not flex those creative muscles?

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