What are your goals for 2022? Mine are theme-based.

⚠️ Entering betwixtmas zone.

That strange time of reflection, looking back over the weirdness of 2021.

And looking forward to what 2022 may bring.

It’s the same for me, for sure.

🎯 Every success comes with a double pat on the back due to being completed in a time of weirdness.

😬 Every ‘failure’ comes with a caveat of context, e.g. that didn’t work out because of X, Y and Z.

And 2022 is almost here. What will that bring?

Rather than sharing resolutions, I’d rather tell you some key themes (ideals, values, or what have you) that will be my modus operandi.

1️⃣ Confidence

Having it, sharing it, feeling it, inspiring it.

2️⃣ Creativity

Surrounding myself with it, practising it, creating space for it, using it, seeking it out, promoting it.

3️⃣ Autonomy

Championing it, pursuing it, inspiring it, practising it, teaching it.

These things matter to me.

At home, as an editor, as an educator, as a parent, as a creative writer.

How these manifest in terms of specific goals or actions, watch this space.

❓What themes, values, ideals are percolating in your betwixtmas reflective state as potential rudders for 2022?

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